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Court reporters are an essential part of the court system, and you can't have a court proceeding without relying on a court reporter. Court reporters create records of what is going on in the courtroom, and they create accurate transcripts of legal proceedings. Court reporters use special equipment to take down what is being said, and they use a special type of shorthand called stenography. Read on to learn more about different types of court reporting methods and how they work.

You can find a court reporter at any event that requires an accurate transcript of what is going on. Court reporters not only write down verbatim what is being said by multiple people in a legal proceeding, but then also then turn that record into a written transcript.

A court reporter uses special equipment to record speech, and they also will report on gestures. Court reporters have to learn a special kind of shorthand called stenography which allows them to record what is being said as it is being said. Court reporters have to be fast typists, and they also have to have an ear for detail.

Once the court reporter finishes recording the meeting, they will then produce a transcript for court records. They will also check the transcript for errors and provide copies of the transcripts to the courts and attorneys.

A court reporter has to be an expert at stenography, and they need to type at 225 words per minute. The court reporter will attend all the depositions, proceedings and hearings that need to be written transcripts. Court reporters need to learn how to use stenography machines, and they also need to use covered microphones and audio and video recording devices.

Sometimes the court reporter will need to read back part of what was said to the judge, and they may also need to ask speakers to clarify inaudible statements. A court reporter needs good editing and typing skills, and they also need to be excellent spellers.

Court reporters play a crucial role in the courtroom, and they create exact transcripts which can help judges and lawyers. These word for word transcripts are an important part of legal proceedings. It takes about two years of training to become a court reporter, and once they are trained, the can get their certification and start looking for work. Court reporting is a career with a lot of potential growth.